• -about 5-6 litres water
  • -beef bones
  • -anistar(found in vietnamese groceries)
  • -cinnamon sticks
  • -rock sugar (yellow lump)(little handful)
  • -beef soup stock(as you like)
  • -"pho hoa" pouches(like tea bag, but filled with
  • anistar, cinnamon,etc.)
  • -"pho flavour" cubes (4)
  • -cilantro seeds
  • -beef cut in thin slices
  • -rice noodles
  • -green onions


-boil bones in water for about 1 hour
-throw bone away
-add everything from first part of list except fo "pho hoa" pouche
-simmer for about 30-45 min
-add 1 pouch (leave only for about 20 min and then take it out or it will burst)
-simmer 20 min
-cook noodles and cut green onions-When ready to eat, put in a bowl:
- noodles (as you like)
- green onions
-put raw meat in big serving spoon and cook it(not completely)in boiling stock
-add meat and stock in bowl. The meat will finish cooking in bowl.
-eat with chopsticks and a spoon Enjoy!

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: vietnamese friend mother
Submitted By: S. Bordeleau