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Request Title Type of Recipe Requested By # of Replies
martini mike 1
dry dirty martini
clams casino Appetizers lindacullere@yahoo.com 2
whole clams baked in its shell
green apple soup Soup Cheryl Rosenzweig 0
I had this soup on a Holland America cruise. It was a wonderful cold soup.
profiteroles Dessert susie 2
pastry with cream
Black bean mango salad Salad Terry Parker 2
Black bean and mango salad
mora Beverage stuart 0
loin tri-tip Beef karen 1
how to cook a loin tri-tip
angel food cake fruit dessert Dessert elizabeth 1
angel food cake layered with fruit or pudding
clam dip Dips kathy cullings 0
Clam dip. for Razor clams. do the clams need to be cooked?
engagement chicken Chicken debbie 1
baked chicken
Longhorn-Chicken Strip dipping sauce Dips Barbara 20
I have been searching for years for the dipping sauce that the Longhorn Grill serves along with their chicken strips.......usually on the luncheon menu. This dipping sauce is a mustard dip, but tangy and sweet. Please does anyone know of it?
Quail Recipes Fowl Jerry Gabbert 0
Looking for some good quail recipes. Searched the database here and there's a few but would love to see some more.
argentnian Appetizers deedee 1
some thing that is good
Chinese Ham Recipes Appetizers Ana 0
SPices and herbs injected and mixed to make a chinese ham
Asparagus soup Soup Caren Rapp 1
Asparagus soup
garlic sauce Sauces jjagg 0
garlic and onions
breaded pork chops Pork alan s ray 0
breaded pork chops
eye of round Beef trudy 8
recipe for eye of round
pumpkin ravioli vena 4
pumpkin stuffed ravioli served with a truffle oil butter sauce
pico de gio Appetizers abby 5
mexican style side
Red Snapper Filets Seafood Nina 19
Red Snapper for dinner
Scallops Seafood Ann Jennings 9
A simple scallop seafood recipe.
Buttermilk lime pie Pies Carolyn 6
I've made buttermilk pies, but this one I tasted had a tasty crust on the top similar to the crust that forms on a pound cake. It also had coconut in the custard. Sooo delicious. Hope someone has a recipe.
cucumber tea sandwiches Vegetable Susan Roth 5
cucumber tea sandwich recipe
seafood cannaloni Seafood cdubois 5
italian recipe with seafood and cannaloni

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