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Request Title Type of Recipe Requested By # of Replies
Honeysuckle Sorbet Appetizers annette 0
Sorbet that is made with fresh honeysuckle flowers
Hangover Cures Beverage Todd Calhoun 1
Not just wisecracking - what are some good hangover remedies (beides hair of the dog) - how do you make the nasty one with bitters? Are there better cures anyone has?
gluten free desserts Dessert tara zinn 0
looking for tasty gluten free sweet pastries for a visiting relative
lemon garlic chicken Chicken Barbara_Clougher 1
Lemon Garlic Chicken
Frosty icing Dessert SYLVIE 1
In the 1960's my mom used to make a special icing for a banana cake. Not sure it was called "frosty icing" all I remember and would like to find, is that it had to be mixed with a mixer in a "bain-marie" over hot water, there was cream of tartar in it, egg whites: I think and sugar for sure. It became very fluffy and soft to apply but after a couple of hours it would crack on top and be smooth under. Thank you if you find the recipe!
mushroom cakes langel 0
Mushroom cakes fried like a croquette
dirt cake Dessert Avona 1
oreo cookies, cool whip and other ingrdients -was served in a plastic flower por with artificial flowers. Really a cake
greek salad Salad Mary 0
greek salad with potato salad
watermelon salad Salad Robin Koshar 2
watermelon, feta cheese, mint leaves
reduction sauce Sauces barbara autry 1
after marinating a pork tenderloin I would like to make a reduction sauce with the marinade which is olive oil, pineapple juice and garlic and soy sauce
pork loin susie 1
room temperatue, marinated
company potatoes goofy 0
side dish
British Beef Bangers Beef Robert Crafford 0
Breakfast Beef Banger Sausages
Sausage, salami and mozzarella tart Appetizers edavison 0
coconut cake Cakes Delores Hart 1
Contains coconut milk
roasted vegetable pasta salad Salad Eileen Santamour 1
seen on travel channel on 06/03/05. a pasta sald made with roasted vegetables and a parsley vinegarette dressing. may have been on the party planning show. couldn't find the recipe on epicurean.com as suggested.
tzaziki sauce paul 1
greek yogurt sauce
zucchini soup Soup s 0
cold soup
artichoke dip joyce lacy 1
parmesan and can of artichodes
baha chicken enchilada soup Soup Cecilia 0
a tomato base soup with mexican flavors and chicken
filled pasta Pasta cotareloclaudia@hotmail.com 0
Pasta filled with pear and ricotta cheese
ruhbarb fool Dessert marilyn curren 1
ruhbarb with whipped cream
chicken cacciatore Chicken linda 1
Stuffed Cannelloni Pasta Nicole Lalsingh 1
stuffed with ground beef and ricotta cheese
Cowboy beans Vegetable kATE Buckley 0
Baked beans made with coffee

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