This sounds hard but is not. The turning and folding process incorporates multiple layers into your biscuits, and makes them have that flaky consistency.


  • 1 Recipe Biscuit dough from mix
  • Butter (1-2 sticks)


Take 1-2 sticks of butter and mash into a rectangle about 5x5 inches; wrap in plastic or wax paper and chill slightly while you make the biscuit dough. Make up the biscuit dough following the directions on box. Roll dough into a square about 10x10 inches; place butter rectangle crosswise in center of dough and fold corners of dough to center of butter, slightly overlapping and sealing with your fingers. Carefully roll longwise into rectangle about 6x12. Fold into thirds, (like folding a letter you have written), turn 90 degrees, turn face down and roll again to about 6x12. Fold and turn and roll again. Do this a third time, then cut biscuits and bake as directed on box.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: memory
Submitted By: Roxanne McKnight
Flaky Biscuits