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  • bread
  • margarine
  • fillings examples: pie filling(alone or with choc., marshmallows, nuts, etc) or you can use meat (chili, taco fillings, cold cuts with cheese etc.), cooked eggs. It is whatever you like.


You need to find a bush pie maker. The best ones are cast iron. They have a base that is rectangular in shape with two long handles. To make the pies: you spread the outsides of your bread with lots of margarine, lay them unbuttered side up and place about 1 tbsp. filling in. Put these buttered side down on opened, hot bush pie maker and close. The bush pie maker will seal the pieces of bread together, trim off the excess bread with knife. Put in hot fire until the bread and filling is hot. Open maker and serve. These are awesome because they can be used for a main meal or dessert.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: bush pie manufacturers
Submitted By: sally
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