It is cake of fresh mangoes with rich topping cream. It has a very strong flavor of mango one must try at home for kids. .


  • Vanilla Sponge Round Shaped - 1
  • Chopped Mangoes - 02 No.
  • Mango Puree - 2 No
  • Mango Essence - Few Drops
  • Topping Cream - 400 Gm
  • Mango And Chocolates - For Decoration
  • Sugar Syrup - For Sprinkle Over The Sponge


Take vanilla sponge and split into three layers (horizontally).
Make sugar syrup, dissolve sugar in water with Lil amount of mango essence.
Now sprinkle prepared sugar syrup over each layer of cake sponge.
Take first layer, put it onto the plate or cake base then sprinkle syrup then whipped cream (added with mango puree) and chopped mango.
Spread it all over the first layer. Do this same process with other two layers.
Now cover the whole cake with whipped cream and decorate it with chocolates and mangoes or with other choice fruits .

Serves:10 People. Preparation Time: 40 Min

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Submitted 2/22/10.
Submitted By: Pooja Gupta
Fresh Mango Cake