Tuaca is an Italian liqueur. Its a great hot drink on a cold fall evening and you would swear you are having hot apple pie! I was introduced to it about 16 years ago at a Halloween party. When the dads got back with the kids the adults had appetizers and "Hot apple pies" while the kids consumed way too much candy. A really fun memory from the past.


  • Tuaca
  • cider
  • whipped cream


Slowly heat cider with cinnamon sticks until cider is very hot and has had time to acquire the cinnamon flavor. Pour cider into a heat proof mug, add a "shot" of Tuaca and a big spoonful of whipped cream, whipped with alittle sugar and vanilla.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Tuaca bottle
Submitted By: Sheila Nelson
Hot Apple Pies