• one kilo of Aborio
  • 1 litre of stock, chicken or fish,depending on end dish
  • 200mls white wine
  • 1small onion finely diced,
  • 2-3bay leaves(preferably fresh),
  • Olive oil & extra stock to finish dish


Heat approx 100mls olive oil in sml pot until oil starts to smoke slightly then fry onion & bay leaves until onion just starts to colour. Add rice and fry vigoursly,stirring constantly to seal rice grains colour.Test rice regularly with hand & once rice becomes to hot to touch,add stock and wine.Stir regularly to seperate grains until liquid comes to boil, then turn down heat to a simmer,cooking uncovered until all liquid has been absorbed. You can stir once or twice during this time but over working will cause rice to become "GLUGGY".Turn rice out onto tray spreading flat to allow it to cool.

TO FINISH:Place 2-3 cooks spoons of rice per serve into a saucepan with4-5 spoons of stock and a couple of dashes of wine, then add raw chunks of chicken,sweetcorn and asparagus.(you can use seafood,lamb,any combination of ingredients you like.)cooking on a med flame stirring regularly you will need to add liquid as it absorbs keeping dish moist. When ingredients and rie are al'dente finish by stirring in a couple of knobs of butter and a liberal amount of freshly grated Parmisan. Texture should be sloppy yet firm. BON APPETITE.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Troy, Chef-Beekeeper
Submitted By: Troy Chef-Beekeeper