This is a delicious dish, even children like it if you don't tell them about the eggplant till they try it. Cubing the cheese instead of grating prevents it from melting too quickly and running out the side of the layer.


  • 6 large eggplants
  • salt
  • olive oil
  • 3 pounds fresh tomatoes
  • or 2 bottles tomato sugo
  • 2 lb mozzerella cheese cut into small cubes
  • dried breadcrumbs


Slice eggplants 1/2 inch thick, lay out kitchen paper and sprinkle well with salt. Leave for 1 hour, they will express bitterness, then rinse well and pat dry with clean kitchen paper.
Heat a heavy pan, add enough olive oil to shallow fry and begin lightly frying eggplant slices on both sides and remove and drain as you go.

If using fresh tomatoes make a sauce from them. Chop them up and cook slowly in a covered pot for about 45 mins or until they resemble a sauce. When this has cooled some it can be pureed in a food processor.
Otherwise use Sugo (italian tomato puree ex-supermarket).

Preheat oven to 350deg.C. Take a cassarole dish and spread some sauce on base. Sprinkle some crumbs and layer eggplant slices, sauce and cheese until the last layer is sauce with either cubes or grated mozzerella on top. Sprinkle liberally with crumbs and bake in centre of oven for at least 30 mins. It is cooked with a skewer or knife can be inserted using no pressure. Allow to cool a little before cutting and serving.

Experiment with quantity of sauce you like, it may be too wet or not wet enough. Add other flavourings to sauce if you like. Serve with a green salad or whatever.

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Submitted 1/31/08.
Source: My own recipe
Submitted By: Michelle Thomas
eggplant parmagiana