This is the only recipe I could find in english, usually you will find it in french. I have had this directly from Algiers, and the outside was crumbly, and it was flat with the layer of date mixture was sandwiched in the middle. It's delicious served with coffee


  • 3 cups of coarse semolina
  • dash of salt
  • 1/2 cup smen (my friend used ghee when she made for me)
  • 1/2 cup margarine (my friend said that using butter will make the dough hard)
  • same proportion of water to orange blossom water
  • Filling:
  • Pitted dates


Warm date just enough to soften and shape the dates to elongated cylinders.
Melt both the smen and margarine and add to the semolina and salt. Mix well. (Rake the mixture well as if you are preparing couscous). Cover with tea towel and let mixture rest for about 1 hour.
Mix blossom water with water in the same proportion. Sprinkle the liquid into the rested mixture until the dough sticks together without being too wet.
Shape dough into cylinders, make deep impression in the middle to accomodate the date filling. Cover the filling and shape the cylinders such that the filling is in the middle. Flatten the cylinders slightly and cut cylinders diagonally. Once cut, make sure that the cut pieces are still compact.
Traditionally shallow fry in moderately hot oil till both sides are nice and golden. Alternatively, bake in moderate oven till the makroud is done (ie when the whole kitchen invitingly smells of baked semolina).
Warm honey (with added dash of orange blossom water). Immerse the makroud in the honey mixture.

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Submitted 3/25/06.
Submitted By: Aishah Redouane
makroud (algerian)