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I love eggs; they have plenty of flavor and bring out the flavors of any other ingredients you add to your frittata. A frittata can be eaten hot, room temp, cold or even in a sandwich like most Italians do. And there are dozens of ingredients you add, just use your imagination. I like just about anything; onion, zucchini, potato, sausage meat, roasted peppers, cheese, asparagus, or any combination there-of. Anything 'you' like, add it.

Just a few things to keep in mind.

The eggs will cook quite fast so if there is anything that you want to add that needs pre-cooking, do it. Using a heavy non-stick sauté pan on med. / high heat, add some olive oil and a little butter and cook to your liking of al dente. Strain retaining liquid. Depending on what you're cooking, it may produce a bit of liquid from the vegetables and this could cause the frittata to be a little watery. Now you don't want to loose this entire flavor so just beat your eggs in the same bowl as the liquid. This should eliminate some of the wateriness. You may also add a splash of cream of half & half.

Place the pan back on the burner at med. heat, add a little olive oil, When up to temp, add the strained ingredients and bring that up to temp. S & P the eggs to taste and add them to the pan. Stir the eggs with a rubber spatula to mix well and let it settle down and cook a little. Keep lifting the edges up with the spatula to check on the cooking process. You want to cook the eggs but no one likes them over cooked and brown so adjust heat as required. This does not have to be a fast cooking process so keep sliding the pan on the burner to keep the egg from sticking. When the center seems to be thickening up a little bit add any cheese you might using and shake it into the loose egg and keep checking the bottom.

When it's still a little loose on top place the pan under the broiler about 2-3 inches away and finish the top off. This will melt the cheese, cook the top and fluff the egg up all at the same time. When it feels done by touching the top remove from heat and don't burn it. Have a large dinner plate ready and slide the spatula around the outside edge to loosen up. When it loose and you can see the frittata moving when you shake the pan it is time to plate it. Tilt the pan and let the frittata slide into the plate but only half way. Now flip what is remaining in the pan over what is in the plate by folding it. Let set for a few minutes and serve.

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Submitted 6/15/05.