you can do this from scratch, can buy store-bought bruschetta topping and use that!!


  • fresh green beans or sugar snap peas, fresh tomatos, garlic, olive oil, marinated artichoke hearts, onions, italian parsley, fresh basil, salt, pepper to taste.


quickly par-boil the beans. blanche under cold water to stop cooking. set aside. in a skillet, saute in olive oil...chopped onions, chopped fresh tomatos, chopped artichoke hearts. add crushed or diced garlic. add fresh chopped parsley and basil. saute til soft. set aside and bring to room temp. add green beans. season to taste. refrigerate.....serve at room temp or cold. (better the next day!!)

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: my own creation
Submitted By: karen carollo
green beans & tomatos