This soup can be made ahead for a gathering. Take a thermos of this soup along to football games, tennis match, or any other activity during Fall and Winter. I use this soup as a main course.


  • 3 lg chicken breast, Rotel tomatoes (1 can), fresh chopped cilantro to taste, one large red onion, fresh garlic three large cloves, fresh ginger 2cm x 2cm thinly sliced, use vegetable oil sparingly, 1tsp groung cumin, salt & pepper to taste, 1 16oz. can of hominy (gives the authentic taste to the soup) or fresh corn cut into three pieces, tortilla chips, grated cheddar cheese, avacado slices if desired, cayenne pepper if you like spicy food, 3 cups water. Fresh Jalapeno peppers may be added if you desire extra spicy!


Cut each chicken breast into four pieces, saute onions,and garlic until opaque add chicken breast and suate for about 10 minutes (stir often) over medium to low heat. Add rotel tomatoes, cumin, salt & pepper, hominy, fresh ginger, cilantro, and cayenne pepper if desired. Cook for about one hour over low heat. Serve with grated cheese, avacado slices and tortilla chips.
If fresh corn is desired add it 30 minuted before the soup is ready (over cooked corn will become mushy) Jalapeno pepper may be added to the soup with other spices. Enjoy

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: My own recipe
Submitted By: Nabia Todaro
Tortilla Soup