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If you or someone you trust is handy with a knife, you can do up a whole watermelon to resemble a basket. If not, a half watermelon will do fine.

WHOLE WATERMELON: lay melon on its side and roll it to find a stable position, or cut a thin slice from bottom to stabilize it. Draw guidelines 2/3 up from the bottom, horizontally, and down from the top center to meet the horizontal lines so that when you cut out the sections, you'll have a "handle" which should be at least 2" wide. Cut out these sections and for decoration, cut jagged slices into the "basket. Rub with lemon. Scoop out melon pulp and reserve. (If your slicer left guidelines on the handle, don't fret. Tie ribbons around them or sprigs of mint or edible flowers like Johnny Jump-Up, nasturtium or even marigolds.

HALF WATERMELON: scoop out pulp and cut decorative diagonal pieces out of the rind. ^^^^^ or something like that. Rub rind with lemon juice.

In both cases, cut your scooped out melon in fork-sized chunks. Put in a large salad bowl (not scented with garlic). Toss in two or more of the following fruits to suit your fancy: peeled, slice kiwi; grapes; blueberries; strawberries; chunk pineapple (avoid apple, banana or a fruit that will brown). I don't think it needs any dressing, but a toss of fresh lime juice and garnishes of fresh mint will step it up a few notches. Fill the "basket" with fruit mix and bring any remaining fruit in a bowl in cooler to replenish it.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
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Sculpted Watermelon