• conch meat
  • salt & pepper
  • onion
  • garlic flakes
  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • oregano
  • basil
  • celery


make sure the meat is clean and cooked, peal the dark outer wrinkled skin away to reveal the firm white meat,( most conch will appear to be on the grissley side) dice it up and season it with the rest of the ingredients, slice the onions in thin rings and slice the celery in thin half moon slices, let marinate in the fridge for a few hours and serve with crackers. ( You can also sprinkle with a little tenderizer because if you have never eaten them before-they can be a little chewey)

They do make a good addition to a seafood dinner, You can also sprinkle them in with lettuce as another style salad, after you prep them as above and let them season for a few hours. After they are cleaned you can store them in the freezer, then thaw slowly before making the salads as above. Hope this helps you.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Family
Submitted By: Ray
Conch salad