For extracts use this web sight They have about 40 differentones @ $4.50 a bottle that makes 1 Qt.


  • Sugar Syrup
  • Extract of your choice
  • Vodka or pure grain alcohol choice of proofs


2 parts sugar 1 part water boil to make syrup or bulk that will keep 5 lb. sugar 5 cups boiling water add the extract then vodka by related volume. Or pure grain alcohol. not on display in state stores. Must ask for and sign to get., it is 199 proof 100% alcohol 80 proof is 40% alcohol, 100 proof is 50% alcohol etc. Mix syrup, extract and alcohol or vodka in whatever proportion you want the proof to be.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: T .Noirot Extracts French made.
Submitted By: Bill Farance