This method was a trial and error at our house and its the only way we do it now. The outside of your roast will turn a little crispy and there will be a wonderful aroma! Try a little horseradish or horseradish sauce for dipping. Careful! Fresh horseradish is VERY hot. At our house two ribs (one each) are enough for two meals. For the second meal we make French Dip Sandwiches. Follow directions on a package of Knorr Au Jus mix (NO OTHER KIND), slice leftovers thinly across the grain, heat quickly but thoroughly in prepared au jus, place on french bread drizzled with the au jus, and serve each person with a small a cup of it for dipping. Yum! If your roast is the slightest bit tough after following all the steps in this recipe, buy your next one elsewhere. It happens.


  • l prime rib roast - any size
  • Garlic Powder (NOT garlic salt)
  • Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Water


Lightly coat with Salt from shaker and dry rub into roast. Cover all areas including bone area. Repeat process with Cracked Pepper from your pepper mill. Remember the salt and pepper will be flavoring more than just the surface but don't get carried away. Follow the same procedure as above with the Garlic Powder - its hard to sprinkle on too much if you like garlic flavor. This can all be done right in the roasting pan as any excess helps flavor the juices. Add approx. 1/2 inch of water in the bottom of the pan and roast bone side down in a preheated 350 degree oven. You may need to add a bit more water after it has roasted for a while.

I plan on 1/2 hour per pound for rare but DO pick up a cheap meat thermometer at the grocery store to get it perfect every time. If, after sitting outside the oven with the thermometer in the middle of the thickest part of the meat - not touching any bone - it does not register the 140 to 160 degrees for rare (or your preference)after the mercury stops, put it back in the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes. This can be repeated but remember to turn off the oven when you take it out for the last time. :-) Let it rest for 10 min so the juices will lodge inside and not run out immediately upon cutting and leaving you with dry meat.

Do not touch your S&P, etc with the hand you have used to rub or turn the raw meat because of E-coli that may have been picked up on the outside of the roast during processing at the store.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Trial and Error - personal taste
Submitted By: K Herod
Roast Prime Rib