My Mom had always made fried chicken when I was a kid and I picked up her technique. At one time I fond myself in need of a recipe for Maryland fried Chicken. I poured myself into research. And I found Several Recipies they varied as far as spices and wether to use milk or butter milk but the techniques were all the same. Then one of my cooks informed me she was from Maryland and she reminded me that Maryland is south of the Mason Dixon Line so this is a Southern Fried Chicken.


  • Chicken Pieces
  • butter milk or whole milk
  • flour
  • spices and herbs to include:
  • sage, thyme, black pepper, salt and cayenne.
  • oil, butter or margarane for frying
  • I use half oil and half butter
  • flour and milk for gravy


The Flour for dredging should be highly spiced.
dredge the chicken pieces in the flour and then into the milk and then back into the flour.
In a large frying pan heat the oil to med to high heat.
the pan has to be big because the chicken can not be crowded in the pan because if it steams the coating comes off the chicken. The Idea is to brown both sides of the chicken and then turn down the heat and finsh cooking the chicken depending on the size of the peices cooking time can take up to 45 minutes.
After the chicken is cooked drain the oil saving all the "craclins" and reserving 1 tablespoon of oil for each cup of gravy anticipated. Add 1 tablespoon flour (not the dredging flour because this will be to highly seasoned) and cook until desired color (lighter or darker) and add milk and bring to a boil cook for ten minutes season with black pepper and salt

Serve with Beaten Bisquits and Mashed Potatoes

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: All the cooks and chefs that have gone before me
Submitted By: Timothy Banning
Maryland Fried Chicken