Mango, Strawberry and Kiwi Pavlova Recipe


6 egg whites
80g sugar
40ml hot water
2ml vanilla essence
2ml champagne vinegar
100g frozen blackberries
50g fresh blueberries
50g fresh raspberries
50g strawberries
50g fresh plums
100ml raspberry puree
200ml stock syrup
200ml double cream
Garnish50g mango
50g kiwi fruit
10g icing sugar

Whisk egg whites and sugar for 1 minute.
Dissolve vanilla and champagne vinegar in the water. Add to the egg white and continue to whisk for a further 9 minutes. (The water must be at a running boil). Spoon onto trays of grease proof paper. Bake in the oven at 275 : F for approximately 1 hour.
Bring stock syrup to a boil and add raspberry puree to it, then add to the fruit mixture and allow it to cool.
Whip cream until thick, but do not over whip.
Place pavlova on a plate, put a spoon full of cream on top of it and garnish with 2 slices of mango and kiwi.
Put one 1 spoon of compote on top of the cream and sprinkle with icing sugar.
serves 4

Mango, Strawberry and Kiwi Pavlova

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