Lamb Shanks Recipe

  British Lamb

1 lamb shank per person
1 medium onion per person
1 tsp curry powder per person
1 tsp salt per person
Potatoes as desired
Carrots or other root vegetables as desired
Water to cover.

Heat the oil very hot in a large pot and quickly brown the shank(s).
Reduce heat, cut the onion(s) into slices and cook with the meat
until just done. Add the curry powder and salt and cook for a
minute or so, stirring continuously. Cover with water and simmer
gently until the meat is cooked.

Lift the shank(s) out of the water and strip the meat off the
bone(s). Add the vegetables to the pot and return the meat. Add
more hot water if required to cover the vegetables. Increase heat
and boil until the vegetables are done and the water/gravy has
reduced to thicken slightly.

Variations: Use red wine and thyme, added with the vegetables, instead of curry powder.

Lamb Shanks

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