Grandma Becky's Horseradish Recipe

  Jewish Potpourri

fresh horseradish root
white vinegar
sugar - optional
beet juice - optional

wash and peel the root.

grate.use a food processor if possible, as the fumes are very strong.the root is very fiberous-it may help your processor if you cut the root into small pieces first.

add white vinegar to cover.if you want your horseradish dry, add less.

to cut the heat add sugar.beet juice will dye the condiment a reddish color and also make it more mild.there should not be more liquid than horseradish.the beet juice and vinegar together can be combined.
this is a traditional "Jewish" condiment which has a special place during Passover. It is wonderful mixed into mustards or by itself.because the strengh of each root varies, use the sugar vinegar and beet juice to taste.ENJOY!!

Grandma Becky's Horseradish

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