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Viognier Wine Tasting Notes

2005 Sobon Estate
Amador County Viognier
Score: 89.0
Some Viogniers emphasize tropical fruit. This one emphasizes floral aromas and flavors. A blend of 92% Viognier, 6% Roussanne, and 2% Marsanne, this full bodied wine offers apple blossom, lavender and honeysuckle scents, while the palate adds a hint of savory herbs. My only reservation is the hot and comparatively short finish.
2004 Pine Ridge
Clarksburg Chenin Blanc - Viognier
Score: 95.0
A magical marriage, nothing is so synergistic as Chenin and Viognier. Viognier gives Chenin more body and an extroverted personality. Chenin gives Viognier more acid and less alcohol, a certain delicacy that Viognier lacks. Together they make the perfect pair. This perfectly balanced example has aromas of white peach, guava, and melon rind. Add tangerine on the palate. Refreshing enough to quaff, complex enough to savor. 80% Chenin - 20% Viognier.
1999 Stags Leap Winery
Napa Valley Viognier
Score: 87.0
"I like this Viognier. Its reminiscent of Northern Rhone Viogniers, with delicate rose petal and dry citrus character, tart acidity and some mineral notes. A good match for sautéed chicken or fish, or pasta Alfredo."
1998 Vichon Mediterranean
Vin de Pays DOc Viognier
Score: 86.0
"I have not been a big fan of Vichons previous Viogniers, but the '98 takes a big step forward. Its dry, with the delicate rose petal character reminiscent of Northern Rhone Viogniers. Well-balanced without excessive alcohol."
1999 Freemark Abbey
Carpy Ranch Napa Valley Viognier
Score: 89.0
"Tasting almost dry, the Freemark Abbey Viognier displays bright tangerine, guava and pineapple fruit, balanced by very crisp acidity, and finishes with a floral note. One of Napas best Viogniers."
1999 Pine Ridge
California Chenin Blanc-Viognier
Score: 97.0
"This blend of 86% Chenin Blanc and 14% Viognier is to wine what light fusion cuisine is to food; it offers surprising flavors, subtly combined. The expansive nose is a melange of grapefruit, peach and honeydew melon, while the palate adds some spicy notes. Dry and perfectly balanced, its a synergistic blend thats better balanced than most Viogniers, and more aromatic than most Chenins. Its also an absurdly easy match for fish, poultry, veal or pork."
1999 Hogue Vineyard Selection
Columbia Valley Viognier
Score: 89.0
"A dry, well-balanced Viognier with oak, orange peel, jasmine, tart peachy fruit, light spice and mineral notes that make it a zesty accompaniment for a wide range of dishes, from cream sauces to tomato sauces, from poultry to beef.."
1999 Phillips Vineyards
California Viognier
Score: 84.0
"Exhibiting the strengths and weaknesses of Viognier - tropical fruit sensations, followed by a dry, medium-bodied palate, and a hot, alcoholic finish (no surprise, as its 15.7% alcohol). "
1998 Alderbrook
Sonoma County "Viognier: One of the few Viogniers on the market that have plenty of varietal fruit without excess
Score: 89.0
" The pairing is pure magic. The textures are very similar and something in the interplay between the vanilla and pineapple flavors of the wine calls to mind the coconut in the soup. The lime in the soup picks up the acidity in the wine, and the smoked salmon touches on the smokey character imparted by 25% barrel fermentation. Altogether a memorable meal."
1998 Callaway Vineyard & Winery Estate Bottled
Temecula Viognier
Score: 86.0
"Crisp and fruity-intense citrus, apricot, honey, its almost dry and quite spicy through the mid-palate and finish. Best as an aperitif or with poultry."
1998 Pine Ridge
California Chenin Blanc - Viognier
Score: 89.0
"Pine Ridge has previously put out a Viognier with a little Chenin in it. This is just the opposite; a Chenin with a little (13%) Viognier in it. Its bone dry with a floral nose and a touch of tangerine, as well as full-blown mineral character on the palate and through the finish. A fine accompaniment to fish, shellfish, poultry, veal or pork."
Rivefort de France
Vin de Pays dOc Viognier
Score: 82.0
"French Viogniers tend to be less alcoholic and less exotic than their New World counterparts. This one has some citrus and light floral notes, as well as some leesy complexity, and a long, dry, slightly bitter finish that hints at oak."
1998 Sobon Estate
Shenandoah Valley of California Viognier
Score: 91.0
"This is one spectacular Viognier, drawing lots of oos and ahs from our consumer panel. Floral, with hints of peach on the nose, it becomes more foreceful on the palate, adding hints of citrus. Its medium-bodied, dry and quite crisp thru the finish. Pair with seafood, veal or Asian cuisine"

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