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Santa Cruz Wine Tasting Notes

1996 Thomas Fogarty
Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir Estate Reserve
Score: 86.0
"Predominantly smokey, with medium tannin and spice to give it length. A sturdy wine with some staying power."
1997 Thomas Fogarty
Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay Estate Reserve
Score: 92.0
"Winemaker Michael Martella has coaxed as much as possible from his mountain grapes, to create an intense, multi-faceted wine. Sour apple, butter, toast and cloves, with a creamy texture and lingering finish. Crisp acidity helps balance all of the elements and keeps it from being heavy handed. "
1997 Byington
Bates Ranch Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon
Score: 92.0
"A beautifully structured wine with intense fresh blackberry and dark chocolate aromas, moderate tannin, and seamless integration of oak, giving subtle vanilla and sweet spice notes to tthe complex, lengthy finish. Appealing on its own, it would pair easily with grilled meats, and pasta with tomato sauce."
1997 Byington
Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay
Score: 88.0
"The winery may see a change in style with the recent hiring of Don Blackburn, previously with Bernardus, but for now this is very reminiscent of Chalone- a rich, seamless wine, a blend of vanilla and caramel apple flavors, soft and velvety on the palate, crisp in the finish."

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