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Sangiovese Wine Tasting Notes

2005 Mosby
Santa Barbara County Rosato di Sangiovese
Score: 95.0
Rose as a category is usually noted for sweet, rather innocuous wines. It takes an artist to make a great rose, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better rose than this offering from Mosby. It's dry and aromatic, displaying full strawberry-cranberry fruit in the nose, strawberry-watermelon flavors on the mid-palate, and even a little spice in the surprisingly long finish. Outstanding. Worth seeking out. Only 275 cases produced.
1997 Pietra Santa Sassolino
San Benito County [Cabernet - Sangiovese] Super Tuscan Style
Score: 94.0
"A California Super-Tuscan style blend of 75% Sangiovese and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon that hits a high level and holds it from the nose through the finish. Dry, concentrated blueberry fruit, coupled with an equal amount of black currant (tobacco leaf and berry), soft tannin, chocolate, light toast, and a spicy finish. "
1998 Sobon Family Vineyards
Amador County Sangiovese
Score: 88.0
"Similar to a Chianti with its ripe cranberry and cherry fruit, dry palate and firm tannins. The finish is warm and the slightly bitter finish should drop away with three to five years of additional bottle aging. Very promising."
1998 Hogue Genesis
Pepper Bridge Vineyard Walla Walla Washington Sangiovese
Score: 85.0
"A 'Super Tuscan' blend of Sangiovese with 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a leathery, smokey wine with light spice. Dark fruit supports it all. "
1998 Clos du Val Tre Grazie
Stags Leap District Napa Valley Sangiovese
Score: 87.0
"Cherry-strawberry fruit with spice and light cocoa notes, subtle oak tones, moderate tannin, and crisp acidity, make this an ideal wine to drink with tomato sauced pasta, veal and pork."
1998 Plauto
Sangiovese di Romagna
Score: 91.0
"Wow! An amazing Sangiovese from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Dry, complex and layered - multi-faceted cherry/cranberry fruit, leather and mineral notes, light tannin, and a long complex finish. Not just a good Sangiovese for the money, just a good Sangiovese, and an unbeatable value. Fabulous with roast beef."
1997 Turnbull Wine Cellars
Oakville Napa Valley Sangiovese
Score: 90.0
"One of the best Sangioveses in California. In some respects its more like Barbera, with rich plummy fruit, soft tannins, superb depth and spice. Very nice."
1997 Silverado Vineyards
Napa Valley Sangiovese
Score: 88.0
"Zippy cranberry fruit and spice, lean, racy and long. A perfect match for marinara sauce."
1997 Indian Springs Vineyards
"Nevada County, California" Sangiovese
Score: 87.0
"Concentrated plums and cinnamon, light bittersweet chocolate, medium body and tannins. A good wine thats a bit tight at the moment. It may well open up given another year or two in the bottle. "
1996 Turnbull
Oakville Napa Valley Sangiovese
Score: 91.0
"One of the best Sangioveses from California. Deep cranberry, light cinnoman, medium-light body, light tannin and perfect balance, persistent finish."
1997 Seghesio
Alexander Valley Sangiovese
Score: 88.0
"A lush example of the variety, cranberry-plum flavors, moderate tannin, loaded with fruit and nuances of nutmeg. Very appealing and an easy match for everything from grilled chicken to lasagna."
Venezia Nuovo Mondo
North Coast Sangiovese
Score: 83.0
"Light, supple cranberry fruit, light, dry finish with a bitter edge. Pair with pasta."
1997 California Shenandoah Vineyards
Amador County Sangiovese
Score: 93.0
"A full-bodied wine with glorious raspberry, cinnamon and chocolate flavors, medium soft tannin, intensely fruity and spicy on the mid-palate and through the long warm finish. It would go well with a Mexican mole sauce, or with fettucini al pesto."
1997 Danzante "Marquesi de Frescobaldi, Robert Mondavi"
Sangiovese della Marche
Score: 84.0
"Beautifully structured, unpretentious, full of juicy, tart strawberry fruit, light in tannin, zippy finish. Great spaghetti wine."

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