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Barbera Wine Tasting Notes

2004 Shenandoah Vineyards ReZerve
Score: 85.0
Riper than its Italian counterparts. Deep plum and violet a roma and flavor. It's fuller than full bodied; it's obese, with soft tannins and a touch of dark chocolate on the overly warm finish. Only 426 cases produced.
2003 Gozzelino
Lorenzo Gozzelino vineyard Barbera d'Asti Superiore
Score: 88.0
Nice earthy-tobacco notes and noticeable oak, but in balance with the supple, ripe cherry-berry fruit and a hint of vanilla. Crisp and stylish.
2004 Caudrina
La Solista vineyard Barbera d'Asti
Score: 88.0
A bit over-ripe, the pruney flavors are saved by a light floral edge. This is a full-bodied, mouthcoating wine with soft tannin. Perfect for steak or barbeque.
2001 Cascina Marcantonio
Barbera d'Asti
Score: 89.0
A very complex and complete wine with a nose like chocolate mint on top and mushrooms beneath, with a base of sweet plums and an herbal-fruity finish of some length. Drink now.
2003 Vietti
La Crena vineyard Nizza Superiore Barbera d'Asti
Score: 89.0
Ripe plum and blackberry flavors give this wine a sweet impression, though it is dry on the palate. Soft tannin makes it drinkable now. Bracing acidity gives it a lift in the finish and guarantees it will work well at the dinner table.
2004 Cantine Valpane
Rosso Pietro vineyard Barbera del Monferrato
Score: 89.0
This is a somewhat atypical but very good Barbera, with violet, camillia, and strawberry pie aromas and flavors, it seems more like Pinot Noir, but the structure says Barbera. When I encounter a Barbera like this (about 5% of Italian Barberas fit this description), I assume some Nebbiolo or Dolcetto has been included in the blend. Regardless, it's a very attractive wine that is worth searching for.
2004 Cantamessa
San VI vineyard Barbera D'Asti
Score: 89.0
Deep forest floor-earthy aromas with a core of strawberry fruit and jasmine, tart acidity and long strawberry finish. The description might fit a Pinot Noir, but it really has very good varietal definition. This is a lighter style, elegant wine with some complexity
2003 Dino Mutti
S. Ruffino vineyard Colli Tortonesi Barbera
Score: 89.0
A big, powerful, extracted wine showing jammy, spicy plums and good balance of oak to fruit. It's big, yet there is still some elegance, and it should improve over the next 5 to 10 years.
2003 Tenuta La Fiammenga
Paion vineyard Barbera D'Asti Superiore
Score: 89.0
A very supple, engaging wine with vibrant acidity, sweet tannins and subtle minerality that surrounds a core of cherry and plum fruit. Fine long finish. A great find. One of the few really good 2003 Superiores.
2003 Cantina di Nizza
Ceppi Vecchi vineyard Nizza Superiore Barbera D'Asti
Score: 89.0
Tart cherry aroma and flavors with milk chocolate and cinnamon accents on the palate. Fine concentration of flavors, soft tannin, crisp acidity and good length
2003 Baravalle
Nizza Superiore Barbera D'Asti
Score: 89.0
Cinnamon bark, rhubarb pie, pepper and plums with soft tannin and a fruity-mineral finish. Winemaking magic.
2004 Oddero
Vinchio e Vaglio Serra Barbera D'Alba
Score: 89.0
Oddero has been steadily improving over the past 10 years, as a producer of Barbera, Barolo and Barbaresco. This offering is deep purple, with a vibrant cherry-plum-floral aroma, medium body, silky texture, and long spicy finish. The floral component suggests a little Nebbiolo in the blend.
2004 Terralba
Identita Vineyard Colli Tortonesi Barbera
Score: 90.0
The wine is built on a core of plummy fruit surrounded by earth, mineral and orange peel aromas and flavors. Somewhat silky, it shows a firm structure, moderate tannin, excellent balance, and an extremely long finish.
2004 Cossetti
Venti di Marzo Barbera D'Asti
Score: 90.0
Very good typicity, with plum and cherry cobbler flavors, full body, moderate tannin, and an aromatic finish of great length.
2004 Vecchia Cantina Sociale di Alice Bel Colle e Sessame D'Asti
Barbera D'Asti
Score: 90.0
Quintessential Barbera. Medium-bodied, silky (yet showing vibrant acidity), plum, strawberry and dead leaves, powerful but restrained.

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