• oranges, onions, sugar


NARANJA is orange in spanish...
these oranges are grown in Pomona, Southern California, and they are juicy, sweet and delicious.
It's like canning a bit of sunshine!
we've made this delectable jam... and present to you with a smile...!
caramelized orange... NARANJA, which is simply mouthwatering!

There is no question of the allure of a cheese board piled high with cheeses from around the world. But for your next party, rather than just loading up on formaggi at your local shop, consider matching single cheeses with bright, versatile DaSweetZpot jams and jellies...

This amazing jam.. well.. how can you not serve it is the question!
slice of cheese topped with a teaspoon of Naranja makes delighful appetizers...
glaze your pork, chicken, or potatoes before roasting..
spread over muffins or corn bread...
and you have no idea what flavors it adds to your pasta.. YES PASTA!!! bow tie with butter and a spoon of Naranja, and sprinkle homegrown basil... you won't believe your taste buds...
or eat straight out of the jar!
we dare you to stop...!
you can purchase this delicacy at dasweetzpot.etsy

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Submitted 2/5/11.
Submitted By: DaSweet Zpot
Valencia Orange Marmalade with Caramelized Golden Onions