• cleaning fish
  • Baked Trout
  • 1 whole fresh trout, cleaned
  • lemon juice
  • salt and peper


Most fish must be scaled before cleaning. To make this job easier, first soak the fish for a few minutes in cold water. Then, holding it down firmly, scrape with a dull knife from the tail to the head. Be sure you have removed all the scales near the base of the fins and head.

To clean, use a sharp knife to slit the belly from vent to gills and remove the entrails. Discard. Cut around and remove all fins and cut off the head. Rinse quickly in cold water and wipe dry. Do not soak in water after cleaning.

Small fish usually are cooked whole, with the tail on, but larger fish may be cut crosswise into steaks or lengthwise into fillets.

To cut a boneless fillet, use a sharp knife to cut the meat away from the backbone from the tail to the head. Cut the piece loose and lift the entire side of the fish in one piece. Turn the fish over and repeat the process on the other side. You will have two boneless fillets per fish. The remainder of the fish may be discarded or used for soup.

Baked Trout

Dip trout in lemon juice and arrange in oiled pan. Season with salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 20-30 minutes, until done.

Serves 1-2.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Easy Game Cookery
Submitted By: Linda Wilson
Fish/Cleaning/Baked Trout