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this requires 3 days of soaking....DAY ONE.soak chicken to completely cover with fresh olive oil(or 75% crisco to 25% olive...but all olive oil is the recommended oil) add some cut up hot pepper or hot pepper sauce to liking.soak for 24hours in refrige turn occassionally. DAY TWO remove chicken pat off all oil (save oil). mix 1 T. salt to 2 cups water add chicken to salt water refrige for 24 hours turn occassionally. DAY THREE drain chicken add the saved oil to cover and lots of whole garlic cloves to taste. about 6 per small chicken. soak again for 24hours turn occass.FINALLY drain chicken bake in over at 325 for 1 hour turning occass. after 30min drain off oil. raise the heat to 375 bake 30 more min. baste with the oil if it starts to dry...this was given to me from a portuguese chef. on thing i know is when you soak chickens for any length of time they can become very tender and delicious. good luck

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: chef
Submitted By: robin rathke
garlic chicken