• 1 dozen burlap bags
  • firewood
  • about 40-50 imu(round, porous) stones
  • kerosene
  • 1 pig dressed
  • five handful Hawaiian(coarse)salt
  • 4'by 4' piece of chicken wire
  • 6-8 dozen ti leaves
  • 4 banana trunks


Imu or underground oven:

Dig oblong hole 4 1/2' long by 3'wide and 2 1/2' deep.

Make it larger if pig is larger size. Lay kindling in bottom. Put long stick upright in center of imu. Lay firewood around it using 3-4 bags of wood. Cover wood with imu(round, porous) stones, about 40-50, more if necessary. Make a lighter by wrapping rag around end of long stick. Dip in kerosene. Light. Remove center pole and light kindling through the hole. Burn till wood becomes glowing coals and stones are very hot.

The pig:

1 pig dressed.

Slit between shoulders and ribs to backbone and up to head, being careful not to cut through the skin.

Rub one handful Hawaiian(coarse)salt in slits. Rub 4 handfuls salt inside pig. Put hot stones in slits and opu(abdomen), as many as they will hold. Tie the 4 legs together.

Line 4'by 4' piece of chicken wire with ti leaves. Place pig on it. Then cover hot stones in imu(pit) with 4 banana trunks that have been cut 2' long and crushed with the blunt side of an ax. Lay netting containing pig on banana stalks. cover with 2 dozen banana leaves or 6-8 dozen ti leaves.
Completely cover this with:

1 dozen burlap bags. Cover bags with sand. Allow pig to cook 2 1/2 to 3 hours according to size. Remove sand, bags, leaves, and stones inside pig. Put pig in large container. Cut in generous servings. Serve at once

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: Internet
Submitted By: Linda Wilson
Kalua Pig