When you arrange the tray try to stagger the colors for more appeal, you can make the tray any size you desire or use any cheese that you may favor, but I believe you will have a nice hit with your guests.


  • Montery Jack with Jalapeno
  • Gouda
  • Mild Cheddar
  • Velveeta
  • green onion brushes
  • celery spears
  • slender carrot sticks
  • triskit waffers
  • captains waffers/crackers
  • Hi-Ho crackers


All cheeses should be the firm block variety and diced to your liking. Arrange on a large round serving platter in "pie" slice fashion alternating all ingredients. In the center place a heat proof serving bowl and take the velveeta and melt it to a smooth "medium consistancy" and pour it in the bowl to be used as a dipping cheese for the veggies. as you arrange the cheeses on the plate separate each variety with the different crackers. Place a small container "shot Glass" touching the plat at the 12,3,6,9 o'clock positions and fill each glass with serving toothpicks of your choice.

Let your conscience be your guide.

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Submitted 6/13/05.
Source: My Own Creation
Submitted By: Ray
Easy Cheese Tray