Traditional Mexican Tacos Recipe

  Mexican Beef

1 bag of corn tortilla's
1/2 lb of skirt steak
2 fresh tomatoes
green or red pepper
chihuahua cheese
fresh frijoles
fresh salsa

Grill steak rare cut tomatoes and grill for 2 minutes cut red or green pepper into julian slices and grill in a skillet add the steak, tomatoes, and peppers to fresh salsa cook till steak is to your liking boil your fresh pinto beans and set aside.

To make frijoles: in a sauce pan add your cooked beans with 1/4 cup of oil mash the beans well they fry until you have a creamy consistency.

Heat your tortillas on the grill now you are ready to assemble your taco: hold tortilla in hand and add frijoles, steak and contents, cheese cilantro and salsa.

Traditional Mexican Tacos

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