Low Country Fried Chicken Recipe

  American Chicken

1 frying chicken, cut into serving pieces
(or chicken already cut into pieces you like)

1 1/2 c. flour (I usually use plain flour)

Coarse salt - 1 tsp.

Freshly ground black pepper - 1/4 tsp.

Red pepper flakes - 1/4 - 1/8 tsp.

Paprika - a pinch

Garlic powder - a pinch

1 - 2 c. milk (depending on how much chicken you're

Enough vegetable oil to stand 3-4" in the bottom of a large, seasoned, black iron skillet.

Put chicken pieces in a bowl and pour the milk over them. Let the chicken stand while you combine flour and spices. I usually just pour the flour into a big plate, add the spices, and stir it around.

Pour oil into skillet (or melt solid shortening). Heat oil on high til it's nice and hot. While the oil heats, dredge chicken pieces in the flour mixture. Give each one a tap when you finish, to remove excess flour.

Carefully add chicken pieces to hot oil. Be sure not to crowd too much. Cut the heat under the oil back a notch or two to prevent it from getting too hot. Cook chicken til it's golden brown and crispy on one side (4 or 5 minutes)and turn each piece. Cook until your chicken is done through. Sometimes if I think it's cooking too fast, I put a lid on it for a few minutes.

Fried chicken is done when a fork pierces a thick piece to the bone and the juices run clear. You can usually just tell when it's done, though. And it's no big deal if you decide to turn it once more and crisp it up a little more.

Remove chicken to plate lined with paper towels to drain. While it's hot, sprinkle a bit more coarse salt on it to taste. Repeat process with additional chicken pieces. If you're frying a lot of chicken, you may have to add oil and wait for it to get hot before adding another batch of chicken.

Gravy: You might as well make gravy if you're going to fry chicken. Let the oil cool just until you can pour it into something safely. Pour off all but about 3 T. of oil. Add a few slices off of an onion to the oil and sautee til it wilts.

Add 2 T. flour and stir into the pan, scraping up the "drippin's" as you go. Cook on medium - low heat for a couple of minutes. Your roux will turn nice and brown. Add salt, pepper, maybe a little garlic powder to taste. Now take the milk you soaked your chicken in and add slowly to the roux stirring constantly. Let this come to a slow boil, cut back the heat and simmer the gravy for a few minutes. Taste for seasoning. You have what's called cream gravy...wonderful the next morning with grits. Slowly heat left-over fried chicken in gravy and a little water in a skillet. Serve with grits and home-made biscuits on a chilly morning...Unbelievable!
Serve cream gravy with mashed potatoes or rice.

Low Country Fried Chicken

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