Morels with Brown Rice Recipe


1 cup brown rice
6 to 8 morels
2 shallots

Prepare 1 cup of brown rice and set aside. Clean and slice 6 to 8 morels(or other mushrooms). Chop 2 shallots. Saute the mushrooms in butter, add the shallots and let simmer. Don't let the shallots get too brown. Add 2 soup spoons of sherry and let the liquid reduce. Mix the rice into the mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper.

Morels can be dried in the sun to preserve them. You can set them in the sun for a few days and pack them into airtight jars for later use. Or string them together lengthwise with a needle and thread and hang them in the kitchen. For about three weeks, you'll have dried morels just waiting to be cut off the string and used. Soaking them in hot water for a few minutes will replace the moisture the mushrooms have lost. Drying does not affect the morel's flavor.Freezing:Pack your mushrooms loosely in a plastic bag after rinsing and draining them. Eat them within 3 months of freezing them.

Morels with Brown Rice

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