Fried Tofu Recipe

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white tofu
plain flour
seasonings (salt and a little pepper if you like)
a little water in a bowl
peanut oil or vegetable oil to fry
some kitchen paper to strain excess oil
sweet chilli sauce to serve with

combine a little salt in the water. wash tofu, cut into cubes pieces about 3cm or as big as you like (I tend to be lazy). Please note that smaller size cutlets are easier to fry, dip into water.
Heat oil enough to deep fry the tofu and mix plain flour with seasoning.
Drain tofu from water and gently roll each in the flour mix until fine layer of flour formed.
MAke sure oil is hot, then turn the gas a little lower before you put the tofu in to fry. watch out, hot oil sprays!
Resist the tempation to turn tofu too many times. If the pan is hot enough tofu should turn easily with a nudge from a spoon. fry until golden on all sides and strain on the kitchen paper.
serve with sweet chilli sauce. For an Indonesian touch try eating it with sweet soy sauce dip (sweet soy sauce, half a chopped shallot, fresh cut chilli and a squeeze of lime
This is yummy to eat in winter. problem is it gets cold quickly, so eat up while it's hot.

Fried Tofu

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