Paella Recipe

  Spanish Rice

1/4 cup olive oil
4 pounds shrimp
whole crabs
1 pound squid
1 pound clams
2 pounds pork meat (in cubes)
4 chiken breasts (in quarters)
2 pounds prosciutto (in cubes)
2 pounds bacon (in cubes)
4 1 pound pre-cooked rice packages
green beans
red pepper
2 cans artichokes hearts
6 pieces of spanish chorizo
1 garlic head
turmeric or azafran
chiken buillon

In a paellera, heat olive oil and add all garlics (unpeeled) until they are brown. Set aside.
Cook bacon and chorizo until they are well cooked, add prosciutto, add squids and cook until all water is absorbed, add pork meat until brown, add chiken until well cooked.
In another bowl, mix water, turmeric and chicken buillon. Heat.
Add rice to meats, add vegetables, garnish with shrimp, clams and crabs, add water mixture and let cook for a little time. Add enough water to cook, cover with a cotton fabric.
When all water is absorbed, let stand covered for 15 minutes.

It takes a long time to cook, but it's worth it!


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