French Cakes

For 40 cannele baking cups:
Milk 1 liter
Butter 100g
Vanilla stick 1
Eggs 4
Egg yolks 4
Powdered sugar 500g
Weak flour 200g
Rum 150ml

Cut each vanilla stick lengthwise in half and remove the seeds, but retain them for later use.
Combine the powdered sugar and weak flour and sift together.
Heat the cannele baking cups well, and pour melted beeswax into them. Turn them upside down over a wire rack.
Combine the milk, butter and vanilla (stick and seeds) in a pan and bring to a boil.
Place 1. in ice water to cool to 60. (tips1)
Beat the eggs and yolks and add to 2.. Add the sifted mixture of powdered sugar and flour while stirring with a beater. Lastly, add the rum.
Strain 4. using a chinois (see Cooking Term below) and place it in a refrigerator over night.
Stir the batter lightly and pour into the cannele baking cups, filling 90% of each cup. (tips2) Bake in an oven with the upper heater set at 180 and the lower heater at 230 for approximately 1 hour.

The temperature of the milk and butter mixture should be lowered to 60  so that the eggs won't be cooked when they are mixed. However, do not lower the temperature too much, or the butter in the mixture becomes hardened.

Because the butter cools and becomes hard while the batter is placed in a refrigerator, stir it lightly before pouring it into the baking cups.
Cooking Term: Chinois (French): A metal, cone-shaped strainer
This is an old confectionery developed in a monastery in the Bordeaux region of France. Because beeswax was easily available at monasteries at that time, it was used to coat the baking cups. This traditional method is still used even today.


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