Corned Beef Recipe

  Irish Beef

Raw beef brisket, (save money by not paying for "corned" beef)
pickling spice(most often used by my mother for canning pickles if you are not familiar with this)

Place beef brisket in crock pot, add two or three cups of water, add two tablespoons pickling spice to water surrounding the beef, set crock pot on low to simmer for several hours, at least four hours. Vegetables of choice may be added last couple hours or steamed/boiled separately. The brisket is very tender this way, you need not pay for a corned beef brisket, and slices very nicely, against the grain of course.
Bought too much? Slice cold leftover beef, layer on bread spread with thousand island dressing, add sauerkraut or leftover cabbage and horseradish to taste. None left.
The only way we do corned beef for St. Patrick's Day.

Corned Beef

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