Whole Pit-Roasted Pig Recipe

  American Pork

Whole young pig, dressed and shaved
Rock-lined pit dug ahead of time
Several rounded rocks from a stream, in 1 to 4 lb. weights(Sun dry them for a week.)
3 bushels or more of dry hard wood
Green corn stalks and leaves
Big tongs for handling rocks
Chicken wire or fencing--enough to encircle pig
2 baling hooks to carry roasted pig
12 clean burlap sacks
Canvas large enough to cover pit

*Allow 1 lb. dressed meat per person

*Dig hole about 2 1/2' deep at center, with diameter of 5 1/2 to 8' depending on the size of the pig. Line with rocks.

*Stack wood on rocks, Indian-tepee style. Light fire. Place round rocks in fire where they will get most heat.

*While fire burns down, wet the burlap, and prepare pig. Rub inside of pig with salt and pepper, and garlic if desired. Place pig on chicken wire. Under legs, makes slits big enough to insert round rocks. When fire has burned down and rocks are very hot, use tongs to fill abdominal cavity and slits in legs with rocks. Tie front legs together, then back legs. Wrap pig in wire, fastening well(so it can be lifted).

*Completely cover ashes and rocks with corn stalks and leaves. Lower pig right onto leaves. Cover it generously on top and sides with more leaves.

*Place wet burlap over leaves(this will hold heat and steam). *Cover with large canvas; shovel gravel over canvas to keep steam in.

*Cooking time starts now. For a 25lb. pig, allow about 2 hours; for 50 lb. pig, 2 1/2 hours; anything heavier, figure on at least 4 hours. If in doubt about doneness, leave pig in longer(because of steam, it wont burn).

*To uncover, remove gravel, canvas, burlap and covering leaves. Lift and carry wire-wrapped pig with hooks. Remove wire to serve.

*In Hawaii, the servers dip their hands frequently in cold water as they pull pork apart for individual servings. On the mainland, the servings of hot, juicy pork often are best liked when served in buttered buns, with barbecue sauce.
What to Cook with the Pig:

*About 1 hour before the pig is cooked, partly uncover pit and add apples, wrapped in foil, and corn on the cob. Either wrap corn ears individually in foil or peel back husks, remove silks, replace husks and soak in cold water about 15 minutes before adding to the pit. (In Hawaii, whole sweet potatoes are roasted with the pig.) Cover the pit at once after adding the apples and corn

Whole Pit-Roasted Pig

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