Grandma's Baked Beans Recipe

  American Stew

Really simple-
Any kind of baked canned beans.
Ground round(amount to match quantity you want of beans).
Dash - Ketchup.
Dash - Brown sugar.
Dash- Lemon juice.
1 small onion(garlic-?).
Salt, pepper.
Amounts will vary according to your taste and quantity. Play around with it.

This is just any variation of your favorite baked beans. First, cook(fry) the ground round, chopped onion, & spices in large pot, drain off fat. Add the beans, a little ketchup & lemon juice, brown sugar, and heat together until hot. Bake uncovered if prefered.

As simple as this is, it gives baked beans a whole new twist, and is a really good sidedish. My Grandmother would be proud to share this with everyone.

Grandma's Baked Beans

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