Carrots Recipe


Baby Carrots
brown sugar if wanted
Since I don't have a recipe, I'd guess about 1 1/2 T. butter and maybe 2 T. B. Sugar to a pound of Baby carrots.

I do them a couple ways....sometimes I just put the baby carrots in a large skillet with some butter and cover. I stir they often and fry/cook in the butter until desired tenderness is reached.
Sometimes I put them in skillet with a little water and cover. Cook until desired tenderness and then add butter and some brown sugar. (If water isn't cooked off, drain) Then I cook and stir until the sugar carmalizes on them.
Another way I cook them is to cut the baby carrots lengthwise, and put fresh asparagus, cut in one/two inch chunks, and the carrots in olive oil and stir them around until desired tenderness is reached. I also add minced garlic to this.


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