Nothing but the best chicken soup Recipe

  Jewish Soup

6-8 cups water,4chicken breasts bone&
skin on,lg.onion,celery leaves&stalks,
3-4 juniperberries,carrots,4 kosher
chicken broth cubes,salt,pepper,and
thin cooked noodles,matzo balls.

Bring water&chicken to a boil skim.Then add whole onion, celeryleaves and stalks&3-4 juniperberries crushed(and tied) in cheesecloth salt&pepper&simmer for a couple of hrs.Add cutup carrots&chickenbroth cubes.Cook until carrots are done. Cutup chick put back in soup and add the rest of ingred.
It is even better the next day.I have been making this for 36 years & everyone loves it!

Nothing but the best chicken soup

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