Nougat Recipe

  British Confections

50 g/2 oz blanched almonds
25 g/1 oz glace cherries
25 g/1 oz angelica
50 g/2 oz powdered glucose (buy at a chemist)
350 g/12 oz granulated sugar
100 g/4 oz honey
150 ml/1/4 pint water
1 egg-white

You need 2 sheets of rice paper and some waxed paper or cling film for wrapping sweets.

Butter an 18cm/7 inch square tin and line it with rice paper.
Chop almonds, cherries and angelica.
Put glucose, sugar, honey and water in a large pan and stir over gentle heat until sugar is completely dissolved.
Boil carefully to 290F,145C. It burns readily towards end of boiling time and tends to froth up. If you do not have a thermometer, put a teaspoonful in a cup of cold water. If it is ready it will go into brittle threads.
Meanwhile, beat egg-white in a heat-proof bowl until it is stiff and stands up in peaks.
When contents of pan reach the correct temperature, pour it slowly over the beaten egg-white, beating all the time.
When mixture thickens as you beat it, beat in the fruit and nuts.
Pour into prepared tin and place a piece of rice paper on top.
Texture is improved if a weight is placed on top for a few hours.
Leave it to set overnight. Cut into bars and wrap in waxed paper or cling film wrap.
This recipe is from a book of recipes based on a Yorkshire Television series presented by Dorothy Sleightholme. Good luck finding the agelica, but thought you would enjoy the recipe.


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