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Request Title Type of Recipe Requested By # of Replies
Waffle Wrap Bread John Peters 14
I'm looking for a waffle that I can wrap and fill like a crepe.
spicy lamb burgers 7
Panamanian Tasajo (Cured Beef) Beef Ashley Morgan 7
Delicious cured beef in a savory sauce.
recipe for giblets Chicken 7
Recipe,either gravy or sauce
gang pak ruammit Chicken kurt 5
a great thai yellow curry,vegtables,cocanut milk, and chicken or other meat
Baltimore Bomb Pie Pies Val 8
This Pie is a mixture of eggs sugar , vanilla and some white vinegar.
Fig or date wrapped with goat cheese and ham Appetizers Maureen 8
Hot appetizer fig or date wrapped with goat cheese and ham
Mussels with Cardamom & Cream Appetizers Suzanne 10
This was in an old Bon Apetite, was with Cardamom, fresh mint and cream and a few other ingredients I cant recall, anyone remember this one??
Beet & Goat cheese salad Salad Diane Leech 6
Beet& Goat cheese
yukon potatoes with gorgonzola gratin Vegetable bev ruck 5
casserole yukon potatoes with gorgonzola cheese and cream gratin
Pork tenderloin gravy Sauces Jen 15
Help! I LOVE the breaded pork tenderloin dinner (with mashed potatoes and gravy) that you get in those family owned restaurants/diners. Does anyone have a recipe for this? I have no idea how to make the gravy - but I love it. It is not a standard pork gravy and does not have any mushrooms in it... It is light brown or kind of light orange in color...I think it might be made with sherry(?). I'd love to have a recipe that I could make from home. I have recently found out that it is more of a regional recipe and is typically only found in the IL or IA states. There is a beautiful picture of what I'm looking for here (first page, first photo) http://www.lthforum.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10244. Thanks in advance!
eggs with vegetable hash Brunch ferne jaffe 4
eggs with vegetable hash
spanish bread Bread Maria B. Musacchio 6
Filipino Spanish bread recipe
paella teresa trulio 5
rice with sea food,chicken and vegetanles
nicsouise Salad toribella 5
green beans, eggs, tuna
jewish chicken soup Soup clowenthal 6
jewish chicken soup
Almond Cashew chicken Chicken Nellie 6
Almond Cashew Chicken
miso soup Sharon Gillin 5
How do you make miso soup
boneless, skinless chicken thighs Chicken muriel scher 2
boneless skinless thighs
tapanade Jellies and Jams reisha 5
carmelized red onion fig
olivie Salad janna Greene 4
Porktenderloin roast Pork rose ellis 2
How to roast a whole pork tenderloin
Bread Pudding Dessert marcella farrell 5
with challah bread,golden raisens, almonds,amaretto and served with an amaretto sauce.
marcino cherry cookie Cookie mary ellen 3
marcino cherry in the middle with a pastry dough surrounding it

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